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Replacing Ford Transponder Keys With A Chicago Locksmith

By Jason Bacot

Replacing Ford transponder keys can be a very frustrating and an expensive experience if you do not know what to look for. Most people do not even know what a transponder key is. Ford uses these keys in many of their vehicles and the technology is a very good one to have. The only problem with them is that they are a bit expensive, and they are not easily replaced by all Chicago locksmiths.

Transponder keys are essentially car keys that respond via radio transmission. When you use a transponder key, the engine will only work if the special code assigned to your car matches the code embedded on your them. The car is set up to be disabled without the proper key, making auto theft virtually impossible unless the keys are stolen as well. This has cut down drastically on the auto theft crimes where transponder keys are utilized. No longer being able to hot wire a car has put a real monkey wrench in a criminal’s plans.

While Ford transponder keys are a wonderful thing when it comes to car safety, the keys are not always easy to replace. If you know of a Chicago locksmith that works with Ford transponder keys, you have no problem. If you try to go with an unlicensed automotive security locksmith, you might just find yourself with a damaged car. Not every locksmith is qualified and has the proper equipment to work with these Ford keys. It takes advanced equipment to properly work with them. Many Chicago locksmiths are unable to work with them for this reason.


When you find yourself with lost car keys to your Ford, you really only have two choices to get new Ford transponder keys – either go to the dealership to get a replacement, or go to a dependable Chicago locksmith that has the ability to cut new ones. Because not every locksmith is capable of replacing Ford keys, it is important to look into this information before you need them. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded somewhere late at night with no keys and nobody to call.

On occasion, you have an emergency situation that happens after hours. In this situation you only have one option. Contacting a locksmith that can work with your keys is vital when this happens. If you do not know of one, you could find yourself stranded at night and alone with no way to get new set. Make sure you think ahead and know which Chicago locksmith you wish to deal with. Keep a business card handy in the glove compartment as well as your wallet or purse. Program their phone number into your cell phone as well.

Ford transponder keys are largely a very good thing to have. The benefits far outweigh the potential cost and inconvenience, particularly if the car is an expensive one that is a possible target for car thieves. Transponder keys are the future of automotive security. It should not be long before every car will have them, and Ford is simply ahead of the curve. Remember that you have to go to the dealership or the locksmith to get your spare keys made, and the Chicago locksmiths are generally a good bit cheaper.

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