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Top 8 Tips On Sitting Room Arrangement

If you plan to move into a new house whose sitting room is small in size, you may feel puzzled on how to place a lot of objects there. Here are some useful tips that can help you make a good room arrangement.

Appropriate ornament

As a small sitting room is suitable to be arranged with big furniture as well as too many decorations, you can leave much blank space which highlights the “space” theme of design.

Recycle use of old furniture

Original household supplies can produce a new effect, added with some new accessories. For example, old furniture will accord well with new home style if it’s re-decorated with new color or new adornment that are is step with fashions.

Simple styles


Place some intake type cabinets which store many sundry, so your room will look tidy in appearance and simple in style.

Cautions on big furniture

It’s better not to place large gradevin and TV benches, or the room space will be separated. If large furniture is in need, placed it on room corners. Beware of size of sofa, half of a sitting room will be taken up if you make a wrong choice.

Three-dimensional space

Make full use of the space of TV setting walls, and even a small shelf can be placed with many small items.

Open sitting and dinning rooms

If there is a wall between your dinning room and sitting room, you can pull down the wall (except main walls) and combine the two rooms as one so that room space will be enlarged.

Save door space

Make use of a rotary buffer sliding door in order to increase dimensional convenience of mobility.


You can build a small work corner in your sitting room and set up a screen to separate it from other parts.

In a word, the size s and styles of home furniture should match that of sitting rooms.

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