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New Beta Version of MSN Search Service from Microsoft released

Thursday, November 11, 2004 REDMOND, Washington — Microsoft has released the new MSN Search service. According to Microsoft press release, the new MSN Search offers the largest, up to date selection of information and a new class of search tools, reducing time and effort required by users to find information. Some major characteristics of the

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Public Relations and the Internet

Although the field of public relations is quite new, it is seen to be pivotal to many companies when coordinating advertising and marketing campaigns. Public relations, which is often defined as “The art or science of establishing and promoting a favorable relationship with the public” ( 2006, p: 1) has been increasing in popularity, especially

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Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band Surgery

In comparing the two weight loss operations, both have pros and cons. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision of which bariatric surgery is best for you. The best way to decide is to attend a weight loss seminar and speak with a bariatric surgeon about your condition. Your doctor can give you information that is relevant

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Ford Escape Hybrid Review – The Pros and Cons

First released in 1994, the Ford Escape hybrid is a gas-electric alternative to Ford Motor Company’s original SUV. It is the first automobile to unite the full capacity of a sport utility vehicle with the great benefits of a hybrid, which include excellent fuel economy and low environmental effects. It is similar in body and

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News briefs:August 02, 2010

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Debris narrowly misses International Space Station

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Space debris passed within a short distance of the International Space Station (ISS) Tuesday, forcing the crew to enter their escape capsules to be ready to depart in case of a collision. The debris ultimately missed the orbital outpost and passed within 260 meters (853 ft) of the station at 12:08 UTC (8:08

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