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Dog Training For Obedience Purposes

Submitted by: Kelly Marshall

Training a dog to be obedient is essential for having a well-behaved dog. If the dog cannot or will not obey simple command it is like to be unruly too much of the time. But how does one go about obedience training with a dog? Well for one thing there is not just one method that works. We will look at a variety of training methods that bring about obedience in the end.

Dog Whispering

This is a technique used by a dog whisperer, who has a special ability to communicate with dogs effectively. He understands how a dog’s mind works and its natural instincts. When this type of communication is done with dogs they want to work with the whisperer and eventually their owner without feeling threatened.

Even bad habits can be broke through this approach. If you can get in contact with a dog whisperer in your area or read some books on the topic. It will help you immensely in training your dogs to be obedient.

Clicker Training

Dogs respond quite well to the clicker training. With this method you make a clicking sound when the dog has performed the desired behavior. Give rewards after the click to let the dog know he has done the task right. Make sure to click first before rewarding the dog though.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement uses rewards, praise and positive reactions rather than correction or punishment. The clicker method described above is one form of this type of training. However, you can do it without using the clicker also.

While training the dog give the dog some kind of positive reaction (like a pat on the head) after it has just done a requested task. This may also be done with the aid of treats and praise too. In a short time the dog will learn that it is fun to do the task when told.

What Obedience Training Accomplishes

When you do obedience training properly, there are certain goals that should be obtained and they are listed below:

A bond should be created between you and the dog. If the bond is already there the training will only strengthen it.

Helps you know how to communicate effectively with your dog. This includes you anticipating how your dog will react in certain situations.

The training sets healthy boundaries for your dog. This helps the dog act in a socially-appropriate way. A dog should learn how do get along with people, other animals and other dogs. This will keep problems from happening.

Obedience training will prevent problems from occurring in the future that might not be present at the moment. These problems could involve excessive barking, digging, chewing and biting just to mention some.

Whichever method of dog training you choose, it should be done kindly. It can also be started when the dogs are just puppies. This way the dog grows up knowing that certain things are expected of it and will learn to act appropriately.

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